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W.H.Tildesley Ltd

Clifford Works, Bow Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 2AN




+44 (0) 1902 366 440

Forged Hooks

We forge a wide range of forged hooks.

  • Chain Hooks to BS2903 (with or without lugs)
  • Wire Rope Hooks to BS2903 (with or without lugs)
  • Shank Hooks with Lug BS2903
  • “C” Hooks with Eye BS2903
  • “C” Hooks with Shank BS2903 table 5
  • Strainer Hooks for Turnbuckle Assemblies
  • Forged Hooks to BS3237
  • Italian “G” Hooks
  • Slip Hooks
  • Bulb Hooks

Available in a range of material grades.

Forged hook blanks or machined if required.
We also produce bespoke lifting gear forgings to your unique design specification.

Call us Now on +44 (0) 1902 366 440


Email your enquiry to sales@whtildesley.com
A full list of contacts can be found on the contact page