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Forging Simulation

Simulation software ensures right-first time-design, optimal material usage and quick turnaround of dies.

For every new part, we use 3-D modelling and forge simulation software to develop component geometry and test die design thus ensuring the ‘forge-ability’ of parts before any major cost is incurred.

This reduces development lead-time, gives our customers a clear image of the final design and helps us to eliminate potential forging defects such as cracking or under-fill.
We use the latest technology in the field. The simulation software uses finite element analysis to simulate geometrically complex parts in both 2D and 3D.
The end result is the most economic utilisation of material and optimum strength and integrity of the forging itself.
In more detail the simulation is used for:
  • The prediction of grain flow: analysis of contact distance to the dies, analysis of the velocities and displacements.
  • The prediction of defects in the part: folds, cracks and under fill.
  • The accurate analysis of the final geometry: spring back, die deformation.
  • The analysis of the part through the whole forging process: temperature distribution, stress and residual stress evolution, strain distribution and fibering evolution.
  • The optimisation of the forging sequence: stage number reduction, reduction of material weight.
  • The optimisation of die life: stress prediction within the tool, abrasive wear prediction and temperature evolution.
  • Forging plant selection: forging load prediction and hammer deflection prediction.

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