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W.H.Tildesley Ltd

Clifford Works, Bow Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 2AN




+44 (0) 1902 366 440

Training and Development

WHT benefits from a stable and experienced work force whose skills and competency are vital to the specialized nature of our business. The Managing Director John Tildesley is a long standing board member of the Sector Skills Council for the Metals industries responsible for the development of National Vocational Qualifications, Modern Apprenticeship schemes and workforce development programmes.

Our Policy is that the involvement and development of our workforce is central to achieving our business plan goals, among which customer satisfaction is paramount. The knowledge skills and competencies required to perform our business processes will be reviewed as part of the business planning process and training will always be made available to address any shortfall. Priority will always be given to training provision that is accredited to NVQ or appropriate standards and emphasis will always be placed on training that is required to:
  • Meet and exceed the requirements of relevant legislation
  • Safely and competently use equipment
  • Adopt new technologies and improvement techniques
  • Develop individuals to expand their responsibilities

As part of this policy all employees will receive regular briefing on the company’s performance against the Key Performance Indicators used in the management review meetings. Modern Apprenticeships KTPs (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships).